Dr Terri's Home Vet Visits


Carters Ridge Sunshine Coast, QLD,
After Hours : (07) 5353 7005

When your pet needs clinical care or surgery

Dr Terri's service is limited to in-home visits only. If your pet requires hospitalisation or surgery for any reason, a referral will be required to your nearest veterinary clinic.  A referral means that all of your pets relevant medical records can be passed on to an in-clinic vet.  Dr Terri works closely with Noosa Village Vet Clinic but is happy to work with a clinic you would prefer or that which is closer to you.

For complicated or unusual illness or surgery, you may be referred to a specialist centre.  This is based in Tanawah - North Coast Veterinary Specialist and Referral Centre.

Australian registered veterinary specialists undergo a rigorous training and examination process to obtain their qualifications, and like human specialists are considered to be the epitome of knowledge in their field. We work closely alongside the specialists and together can offer optimum care for pets that require this service.

Specialists are independent veterinarians and set their own fees. It's a good idea to ask them about costs when you call to make an appointment.