How to clean urine


How to clean urine effectively

Cats use their urine to mark their scent.  
If you clean with something that leaves a scent behind, they will feel the need to mark the area again with their urine and continue to use this place as a designated toilet spot.  
You may be able to clean an area well enough so that you can not smell it, 
but remember your cat’s sense of smell is 16 times more powerful than yours.   



So what should you do?? 

Use a cleaning product that contains active bio-enzymes that will break down the uric acid crystals that most cleaners will leave behind.   The benefit of bio-enzymes is that they break down into oxygen and water so do not leave a trace behind.  There are many commercial cleaners designed for cleaning up urine, such as urine free.  The laundry detergent Biozet® also contains the necessary bio-enzymes to neutralise urine.  It can be made up into a spray for spot cleaning or in the wash for cleaning bedding and mats