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Vaccinations and/or titre testing

  • C5 or C3 Vaccinations for dogs and puppies.
  • Tire testing available for Parvo, Distemper and Hepatits (C3).
  • F3 Vaccinations for cats.


General consultations

  • Ear infections.
  • Skin allergies and infection.
  • Urinary tract issues.
  • Other general health issues.

Arthritis Injections

  • Cartrophen injections done monthly.
  • Solensia injections for cats.








Skin allergy injections

  • Cytopoint injections for dogs.


Common behaviour issues seen and treated by Dr Terri;

  • Anxiety - frequently seen in dogs and cats and can take many forms. 
    • More commonly; Noise phobias, including storms and fireworks, fear of new places, people or animals and separation anxiety.
  • Aggression - A number of types of aggression seen in pets, but often there is anxiety behind it.
  • Barking - is a common problem seen in dogs living in suburbia.  Sometimes, it can mean that your dog is not happy, but it will always mean that your neighbours are not happy!   
  • Inappropriate Toileting - especially when cats stop using their litter trays.
  • Digging and/or destruction of property and possessions.
  • Stress from introducing a new pet into the home or bringing home a new baby.